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About us

Ruaha Hilltop Lodge is 100km from Iringa on the Iringa - Ruaha main road and 5km from Tungamalenga village and near the boundary of Ruaha National Park.

Ruaha has one of Tanzania's richest concentrations of animals, birds and plant life. Click here for a listing of birds that can be found around Ruaha Hilltop Lodge.

The lodge stands on the slopes of Ideremle Mountain and the panoramic view is breathtaking. Jeeps are available for game drives as well as tours of Iringa.

Trips can be arranged to Ruaha National Park and other places of interest such as the Isimila Stone age site, the Mufindi tea plantations and Lake Nyasa. 

The lodge also helps local people, providing and funding to expand a village school and other activities. We actively support a young single mothers association in Iringa, buying their craft products and helping to market them. We have got our own Curio Shop with some of these items. 

Staff Ruaha Hilltop Lodge

Ruaha Hilltop Lodge


How to reach us?

There are several options one can reach us:

  1. By flight daily to Msembe airstrip in Ruaha National park or Iringa airport where we will meet you.

  2. Come to Iringa from Dar es salaam y public bus where we will meet you at the main bus stand and drive you to the lodge.

  3. From Iringa town by a public bus( available from Mlandege bus stand daily 10.00 am. 1.00 pm and 3 pm) to Tungamalenga village where we will meet you and drive to the lodge at no extra cost.